A Bold Postcard to Announce the New Canon ProStream 3000 Series

By Trekk
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Project Brief

Canon Solutions America wanted to launch the new high-speed Canon ProStream 3000 series web-fed inkjet press with a dynamic print marketing campaign that appealed to the postcard mailing segment of the direct mail industry. 

The direct mail piece needed to introduce the ProStream as the next generation of digital inkjet presses, and the mailer also needed to demonstrate the ProStream’s ability to quickly print high-quality mailers on a wide range of heavier paper stocks. 

The mailer also needed to showcase how the digital ProStream could print the same kind of vibrant, consistent color quality usually reserved for offset presses. 


To truly express the ProStream’s ability to print with high resolution, exceptional image sharpness, and consistent output, we designed a jumbo 6” x 11” postcard that emphasized a bold use of colors and fonts.  

The front of the postcard combined photography with pop-art adornments for an eye-catching introduction to the caliber of postcard the ProStream is capable of creating. The design elements on the front also communicated a sense of movement and momentum that played on the ProStream’s high-speed print capabilities.  

The back of the postcard featured a bold use of colors and fonts. This side of the postcard also included a number of elements designed to underline the ProStream’s data-driven approach to direct mail applications, with two separate areas for personalized recipient and sales rep information. 

In addition, we integrated a quick response (QR) code that launched a video about the ProStream 3000 series to highlight the press’s capability to print crisp, readable codes for a more interactive direct mail campaign.   

Printed on the Canon ProStream 3000 series web-fed inkjet press.