Setting Sail in Style with Full-Color, Personalized Print Marketing

By Chris Brown

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Project Brief

Canon Solutions America wanted to demonstrate the superior color quality of their ProStream 1000 series digital press with an application sample that also showcased how the ProStream could help execute strategic print campaigns using data-driven, personalized messaging. 

The focus of this sample kit was the travel industry, where typical marketing applications might include collateral like posters and brochures, as well as direct mail communications. 

To achieve this goal, my team created a fictitious cruise line, Compass Cruises, and a sample strategic print campaign, demonstrating how print can nurture customers from booking to boarding and beyond.


This sample campaign included five touchpoints, each featuring vibrant photography to showcase the stunning image quality of the ProStream:

  • A booklet promoted Compass Cruise destinations from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean.
  • A personalized brochure, designed to be mailed to the customer as confirmation of their booking, demonstrated the variable data capabilities of inkjet with copy that described island activities and excursions specific to the customer’s trip. 
  • A direct mail postcard, designed to be sent one month prior to the customer’s cruise with the intent to excite the customer about their upcoming vacation, as well as to remind them of their specific accommodations and trip itinerary, showed how print can help improve the customer experience. This oversized postcard also featured a fun detail: a perforated voucher for one free drink upon boarding the cruise ship. 
  • A personalized letter, meant to be mailed in the days following the customer’s island cruise, that requested feedback about their experience. This piece also included recommendations for their next Compass Cruise adventure along with a special offer to upgrade their accommodations to drive response rate and repeat business. 
  • A poster served as a memento of the trip — and also demonstrated the large sheet size the ProStream can handle.

The Compass Cruises sample marketing campaign demonstrated the ability of Canon’s ProStream to create strategic, personalized print communications, and it also served to highlight the outstanding design and color quality you can achieve with the latest inkjet technology.

Printed by SG 360° on the Canon ProStream 1000.  

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