How Augmented Reality in Print Helped Readers Choose a New Adventure

By Kyle Beckett
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Project Brief

With the success of the augmented reality (AR) book, Apollo and the Spacedog, and the sequel, Apollo and the Mill Moose, the Sylvamo Corporation and Accent® Opaque wanted to create a third installment in the popular children’s book series. But, for the third adventure, Sylvamo wanted to invite readers into the story by essentially crowdsourcing ideas for where Apollo and his sidekick, Andi, would go next. 

A highly-targeted email campaign gave interested readers the opportunity to choose the next adventure by requesting a print postcard that incorporated an AR component where readers could cast their vote for one of two plotlines: Apollo and Andi explore a haunted house, or Apollo and Andi build a treehouse. 

When the votes were counted, almost 60% of readers voted to see the dynamic duo build their treehouse. 


Apollo and the Treehouse followed the path of the two previous books by using AR to create a more immersive storytelling experience. For example, the book opens by using AR to put readers in the point-of-view of the main characters. 

Apollo and Andi build their treehouse while wrestling with the themes of sustainability and environmental responsibility, issues that are of great importance to paper manufacturers, printers, and designers. We used a bold illustration style that helped supplement the various AR integrations and created a vibrant look and feel. 

Printed on the Canon Solutions America ColorStream 8000 series color inkjet press (pages) and the Canon imagePRESS C10010VP (cover), Apollo and the Treehouse featured a combination of Accent Opaque 70 lb. Text Super Smooth with ImageLok Technology, and Accent Opaque 100 lb. Cover Super Smooth.  

The end result is a powerful, dynamic piece of print that uses the exceptional print quality of digital inkjet technology to help foster a love of reading at any early age, and to also tell a story about the importance of being good stewards of our natural environment.