Writing the Book on Digital Print Efficiency

By Alison Weust
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Project Brief

Canon Solutions America created an exciting end-to-end digital print solution to help commercial printers and book publishers increase the efficiency and quality of book printing. The Book Smart Suite is a package of automated workflow, press, media, and finishing solutions for book manufacturers, publishers, and commercial printers that are looking to expand into the digital production book market. 

Canon wanted to create a direct mail campaign targeted toward commercial printers and book publishers that showcased how the digital Book Smart Suite can provide offset print quality while also streamlining the entire production process. Canon was looking for a direct mail design concept to tell the story of what the Book Smart Suite brings to the table, and how this digital book production platform can help take the commercial print process to a whole new world of efficiency and productivity.  


Using traditional dramatic structure found in science fiction or fantasy stories — beginning, rising action, climax, and resolution — to demonstrate how the Book Smart Suite leverages digital print technology and automation to help printers and publishers overcome the challenges of a more traditional print process. 

We chose to print the mailer on 100 lb. paper stock to better integrate die-cutting and small gate folds at the base of the mailer that, when opened, reveal each part of the Book Smart Suite narrative. A soft-touch UV finish adds both texture and visual appeal, and variable data printing (VDP) brings a personalized touch to the content to create a deeper connection with the target audience.

Lastly, we incorporated two quick response (QR) codes, one that launches a demonstration video of Canon’s digital print capabilities, and one that opens a landing page where users can request a sample that was printed using the Book Smart Suite. 

Printed on a Canon varioPRINT iX series.