The Kitchen Is Where Connections Are Made

By Chris Brown

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Project Brief

Canon Solutions America, in partnership with thINK, was looking for an application sample to show off the capabilities of its new varioPRINT iX-series press. The varioPRINT iX inkjet color digital press combines stunning image quality and a wide media range with the high productivity and cost-efficiency of inkjet printing. CSA wanted to showcase these benefits by creating a high-end campaign featuring vibrant colors and variable data printing.


To create this application sample, we developed the Open Kitchen brand and an associated launch campaign. Open Kitchen is a fictitious food delivery service centered around a mission to connect customers to their kitchens, their food, and one another.

The campaign includes four print pieces that demonstrate a customer’s journey from awareness through post-purchase, with personalization of both text and images. The samples begin with a variable Launch Announcement Bifold Brochure, followed by a Recipe Booklet shipped in each customer's first order. The Recipe Booklet comes complete with detachable Recipe Cards, printed on synthetic stock and based on their chosen menu. A Post-Purchase Postcard with referral coupon follows the first meal kit, and a Quarterly Newsletter Trifold keeps customers engaged.

Each piece in this application sample campaign demonstrates the power of personalized print and how not only names but imagery and content can be customized based on the individual recipient's needs and preferences. 

Printed by Copy General on a Canon iX-series Press.

Winner of the 2022 Sappi Best Use of Paper PRINT Award.

Designing sample kits for inkjet is fun, and it also demonstrates the possibility of print in communicating with a highly targeted audience. These are the kinds of projects we love to feature on Dots & Pixels. Send us your best work and we’ll showcase it in an upcoming Project Spotlight.